Drop offs, Pick ups & Visits

Dropping off & Picking up your dog

We are generally very flexible when it comes to dropping off or picking up your dog. However, since we are a regular household, we do not have “staff” on hand all day for an anytime arrival.  We have regular family things going on – errands that need to be run, dogs that need to be walked, family functions to attend, and other people dropping off and picking up their dogs.  All drop offs and pick ups are by appointment only. An estimated arrival time within an hour or so of your arrival is much appreciated.  If you could please let me know in advance of the day you are coming what your estimated time of arrival will be, it helps me to plan out and arrange my day a little better.  If you are going to be arriving significantly outside of your drop off or pick up time, please also let us know.  A quick text, email, or call is appreciated.

We take drop offs and pick ups during the following hours by appointment only:

Mon-Thurs: 8am-8pm

Fri & Sat: 8am-7pm

Sunday: 8am-3pm

***Please note that any pick up/ drop off times outside of these hours will need to be pushed until the following day and will incur an extra night’s fee.***



We allow visits from new clients who wish to have a meet and greet at our home, this is done by appointment only.  We will only arrange a visit once we have confirmed certain information about whether your dog fits our boarding criteria and if we have confirmed that we have availability for a specific date of service that you require.  Unfortunately, there are many times we do not have availability.  If you do not have specific dates of service in mind, please check back once you do, and if we can accommodate your pup we will arrange a visit at that time. We do visits by appointment only, typically weekends work best. Please plan your visit in advance as we may not be available every weekend to accommodate a visit.