Preparing For Your Dog’s Stay

Some things to bring with your pup for their stay with us:

Enough food for their stay. Please do not pack the “exact” amount your dog will require, pack extra.  Things happen, flights get delayed, plans change and we do not want to run out of food for your dog.  Please label the food with your dog’s name and the amount of food they eat and how many times per day they are fed.  Feel free to include the scoop you generally use at home.  We have lots of food bowls here, but feel free to bring your own if you’d like.  If your dog is a fussy eater at home, please let me know that in advance as they may struggle even more so in a new environment.

A secure fitting collar and leash. Please ensure your dog comes with a secure fitting collar that can be worn at all times, preferably with their name tag attached.  Bring their leash as well as anything you use to walk them at home (ie. halty, harness etc.)

Treats. We have a variety of treats here for the dogs, but if your dog has allergies, or a sensitive tummy, please pack their usual variety of treats.

Bedding.  If your dog has a bed or blanket they use to curl up on, please feel free to bring that for them.  If not, they will find a comfy spot to curl up here, so no worries.

Crates. If your dog is crate trained and sleeps in a crate or is crated when you leave the house, please bring the crate with you.  We do have an XL crate available here if needed, just let us know in advance and we can set it up.

Vet papers. Please bring with your dog their vet papers with proof of vaccinations.  This will also allow me to have your vet’s information on file.

Toys. You are welcome to bring a toy or two for your dog during their stay, however, if we find they become possessive over them we will pick them up.  We have some neutral toys here for the dogs to play with.  If you choose to bring toys, I can’t promise they will always make it back home as the other dogs here may play with them as well, and sometimes they will get ruined.

Medications. Please bring any medications your dog requires along with written instructions on how and when to administer them.

Emergency contacts. Please write down an emergency contact or two that I may call in case of emergency while you’re away.

Let us know when you will be arriving. Please get into contact with me prior to the day you will be dropping off/ picking up your dog to let me know your estimated time of arrival to make sure I will be available at that time.

Please DO NOT bring rawhide or chew bones. We do not allow rawhides or chew bones here as even the nicest of dogs will fight over them.  Please keep them at home.